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How Do I Know if I Need a New Roof?

Out of all exterior repairs to your home, your roof can be the most expensive and cause the most damage if left unchecked for a long period. Many homeowners don’t realize the extent of the damage to their roof until internal structural damage has been done as well. Leaks, stains, rotting wood, and loss of property value are just a few of the risks you run by ignoring potential roof damage. Sunshine Restorations works to repair or replace your roof and keep your home safe and sound.

Types of Roof Damage

Roof damage has two main causes. The first is natural wear and tear that results in a roof simply wearing out over time. Years of exposure to Chicago’s extreme temperature shifts and drastic weather patterns means continual exposure to the sun, hail, wind, rain, ice, and snow. Curling, buckling, blisters, peeling, and shingle erosion are common signs that you need a new roof. The other cause of roof damage is from severe storms, and the extent of the damage is best determined by a certified roofing contractor. Sunshine Restorations provides free estimates to examine your roof, determine the extent of the damage, and determine whether a new roof is necessary.

roof damage from weather

roof damage from weather

Storm Damage

Many of Chicago’s storms bring high winds, strong rains, and hail that can significantly damage even a newer roof. There are three major types of damage created by storms: hail damage, wind damage, and damage by impact (i.e. fallen tree branches, etc.). While impact damage is obvious, the signs of wind and hail damage can be a bit more subtle. The good news is that if you have storm damage to your roof, you may be eligible to have your roof replacement covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy. Click here to learn more.

Here’s how to tell whether you have storm damage to your roof:

Hail Damage

Hail damage is common after storms with hailstones that are golf-ball sized and larger. However, even smaller hailstones can do significant damage to a roof that is old, brittle, or already in some need of repair. While at first glance the damage may look cosmetic, the true concern is whether there’s been a reduction in water shedding capabilities of the shingles.

Over time, if it’s not repaired, the exposed asphalt base in the shingle will dry out after repeated exposure to the sun. Water is then let under the shingles and causes leaks and rotting wood, leading to internal structural damage. Sunshine Restorations recommends having a certified roofing contractor inspect your roof if you suspect there is hail damage. Our estimates are free, and we can tell you whether you qualify to have your roof covered by your insurance policy.

worn out shingles

shingles falling off a roof

roof damage from weather

Wind Damage

Wind damage can be deceptive when first examining your roof. It’s easy to spot shingles that have been torn off or torn in pieces, but there’s another layer of damage that isn’t as visible.

Many times shingles that appear fine at first glance are in fact creased or fractured upon closer inspection. High-speed wind from storms can push under the shingle, causing exposure of the wood roof to the elements as well as an entry point for water, which then forms the perfect environment for mold and rot. One of the best things you can do for your roof is to get it inspected. If you have wind damage as the result of a recent storm, you may be eligible to have your roof replaced and covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy. Sunshine Restorations can tell you whether your roof replacement would be covered under your insurance policy.

roof damaged by wind

Impact Damage

This type of damage is easy to spot. Fallen branches, trees, or other objects that cause easily visible damage to your roof or shingles are signs of impact damage. Just to note: a couple of broken shingles are generally not enough damage to have the entire roof replaced or covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy. The first step to determining the extent of your roof damage is to talk to a certified roofing contractor, who can tell you what your next step would be.

tree fallen on a roof

If you’re concerned about whether you need a new roof, regardless of the cause, give us a call. We offer free estimates, and our certified roof contractors can tell you the extent of your damage and what your next step should be. Quit guessing about the extent of your roof damage; get a qualified expert to let you know the reality. Sunshine Restorations can guide you to the best option for repairing your roof.

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