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Repair Your Roof with a Home Insurance Claim in Tinley Park, IL

Keep Your Roof Covered Financially with a Home Insurance Claim in Tinley Park, IL

How Can My Roof Be Covered By My Insurance Company?

It’s a well-kept secret that if a storm has damaged your roof, you could actually qualify to have your roof replaced and have the cost covered by your homeowners’ insurance policy. Many times, you can qualify even if your roof is only a couple years old. Sunshine Restorations has a 90% approval rate for customers who apply to have their roof covered through your insurance company. Many Sunshine customers have received a new roof, valued at $15,000–$20,000, for the cost of their deductible, usually around $500–$1000.

Here’s the two most important factors in getting your roof covered:

  • There’s a time limit on eligibility. If you don’t get your roof replaced within a certain period of the storm that caused the damage, your homeowners’ policy won’t cover it.
  • Work with a reputable roofing company. Your chances of being approved are much higher if you’re working with a reputable roofing company that has a professional relationship with the insurance company.

How Does It Work?

  1. If you’ve had a storm come through recently and you suspect there is significant damage to your roof, give Sunshine Restorations a call so we can come out and inspect your roof to determine whether you would qualify to get your roof replaced. You can also qualify to have storm damage to your gutters, soffits, fascia, and siding covered as well. The inspection is free, and an important step before we contact the insurance company.
  1. If we see there’s a viable claim, we make a free estimate of the damage and the cost to replace it, and then contact the insurance company.
  1. An insurance adjuster inspects your roof to verify the damage, and then approves the claim.
  1. Once we receive the approval, Sunshine Restorations would replace your roof. As a thank you to our customers, we upgrade the shingles from your original shingle to an architectural grade shingle, which is more weather resistant and has a 25-year warranty.
  1. Once we’re finished with the roof, we’ll clean up the area down to the last nail. Most of our roofing jobs are completed in 1-2 days.

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The most important thing is to take the first step. If you think there is a possibility that a storm has damaged your roof, getting a free inspection of your roof could literally save you thousands of dollars in out of pocket costs.

The Risks of Waiting

If you wait, you run the risk of the following:

  • Increased damage to your roof and the rest of your home. Additional storms can create leaks, mold, and the beginnings of internal damage, causing a much larger problem with both structural and aesthetic damage.
  • Your eligibility will expire. You won’t qualify for having your roof replacement covered by your insurance company, which means that the total amount will come out of your own pocket.

Why Use Sunshine Restorations to Get Your Roof Replaced?

  • We get you approved. When there’s a valid claim, we have more than a 90% approval rate with our customers.
  • Our relationships with the insurance companies. We work with the insurance companies daily at the corporate level. We speak their language and work with them to make their job easier.
  • We upgrade your shingles. As a thank you for doing business with us, we upgrade your shingles to architectural shingles, while other companies simply replace exactly what you had before.Our shingles carry a 25-year warranty.
  • We also install an ice and water shield. It’s a material that protects your roof from future issues with ice and water.
  • We get gutter, siding, and other exterior damage covered. If there’s additional damage from the storm to other aspects of your home, we work with the insurance company to get as much of that covered as well.
  • Quality service, every time. We complete most jobs in 1-2 days, and we clean up the area so you’ll never know we were there.

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